Lydia and Rachel have been in business together for over fifty years...the business of life!

Since their first meeting in Kindergarten, they have been sisters of the soul. Guided by optimism, creativity, loyalty and honesty, they have traveled the road of marriage, family, education, children and business.

Lydia and Rachel
would love to be part of your journey!


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Love is Love

Reverend  Lydia’s passion for life, belief in all things good and her determination has paved her ever-evolving journey.  Lydia is a spiritual individual that believes in all religious paths. If a higher power inspires you to find hope, love, peace, and honesty…. all are welcome! Lydia believes love is love and is honored to share in the joy of all ceremonies.

Lydia is a Masters level professional in the field of counseling and an award-winning teacher.  Lydia has taught modeling and acting and has directed plays, pageants, and fashion shows.  Guided by the belief to “look for the good”, Lydia continues to volunteer her services with Our New Journey, a Foundation which assists caregivers of the disabled and also volunteers as a certified trauma counselor.


Always honor the couples' wishes

Rachel has been helping people with their wedding plans for over 20 years. Her vast knowledge of guiding couples from planning their wedding to the joyous culmination of their ceremony has been a highlight in her multifaceted career.

 The key to Rachel’s success is to “always honor the couples’ wishes, listen intently and communicate fully.”  In addition to her vast experience in the wedding industry, she has taught Elementary as well as High School, received high accolades for her sales and motivational work and traveled the world as a flight attendant!

Rachel’s professional demeanor and availability are a relief for her busy clients, knowing they are in good hands. With love and truth as her guide, Rachel honors all belief systems and backgrounds and welcomes the opportunity to co-create your unique wedding ceremony!


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Lydia Gilbert


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